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The Artworks

Our gallery is an exclusive selection of artworks from subways of the suburbs to salons of the Louvre. Contemporary, classics, urban and abstract art findings from around the world.

All Artworks FAQs

Sustainable Limited Editions ♻

Join the sustainable living movement with an artwork made out of upcycled and repurposed material.

We print on matte Alu-Dibond plates which consists of 2 thin sheets of aluminium made out of recycled metals and is in itself 100% recyclable.

The artworks are printed 20 times only. This way you will have a truly unique and still affordable piece of art.

Our Product

Help us clean the the oceans from plastic waste

What happens to all plastic waste collected from oceans and in nature? Some of it is recycled into sustainable materials suitable for art prints among other things.

We donate 5% of our sales to Ocean Cleanup Foundation to help fight pollution and clean up oceans from plastic waste.

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